• Treat x, y, z, time as dimentions
  • Treat energy as dimentions
  • Treat mass, capacitance, etc as dimentions


Apply an N-dimentional laplace transform to the exising physics laws to make them time invariant. Apply a fourier transform in the data before and after See how the maths looks

Reasoning / general idea

  • Observer-based general relativity – objective reality cannot be measured
  • “The cosmos” can be modeled as a multi dimentional space, where every possible arrangement of particles, energies and forces exists. Every “universe” is immutable, time can be defined is the ‘flow/path’ between different multiverses (loosely derived from infinitive muliverses)
  • Observer-transforms project this multi dimentional space into measurements
  • Uncertainy can be modeled as the observer mixing different but very similar “universes” together during measurement
  • This model is time-invariant - time is just another dimention


  • If the maths checks out, it could provide a time-invariant equation set to make predictions
  • Much less computationally expensive - you can use fft to get in/out and then do “frequency domain” linear solving instead of exponential “time domain” one – Similar to how convolution simplifies to an addition on 1d/2d fourier/laplace
  • Much more convinient form of storage, compressible representation (in the spirit of DCT)